How To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

Worried about how to get bigger boobs?

I know you have many questions in your mind such as, can you really make your boobs bigger? What is the best method for you? How long will it take to see good results? etc. But don’t worry! I will clear everything here.

Probably the cheapest way to make your boobs grow is to go out and purchase push-up bras, gel bra inserts, or padded bras to give the impression you have larger boobs. The only drawback with this method is as soon as the clothes and bra come off or the gel inserts are removed you will instantly lose the illusion of having a fuller, larger bust and return to your normal smaller size. This is why natural methods are best and you will learn about the effective methods below.

Why are big breasts better?

To attract the opposite sex as many concerned ladies will say is the reason why they want to have big breast, however, having bigger boobs is much more than that. The point is the bigger the breasts are as a lady, the better and brighter you look. Though it may look somehow tricky about how to get bigger boobs without surgery. Before I provide you the solution on this topic, it is expedient we understand some things about the bust.

How does the breast grow?

The time of breast growth is generally exciting, but it comes with a lot of worries like will my breast be big, round and firm? How will they look? And many others.

Hormones play a very significant role in breast growth. Estrogen also known as female hormone is an essential hormone that controls several functions in the body and likewise, it is responsible for breast enlargement growth. Of more importance also is the growth hormone which controls the growth of several parts of the body including the breast.

How does breast enlargement work?

Breasts as said earlier are like every other body part. Doing the appropriate things can make them grow just like bodybuilders build their muscles. To really make your breasts grow bigger, you need to manipulate the hormones in your body by creating a puberty-like environment. This in fact is the totally natural and safe approach.

Therefore, to make your breast grow bigger, you will have to: improve your estrogen, increase prolactin, increase growth hormone, increase progesterone and lastly, decrease testosterone.

Other Effective ways to get bigger breasts:

There are several safe and natural alternatives available on how to make your boobs grow bigger other than putting yourself at the mercy of a surgeon. Listed below are a few among the things that you can do.

#1 Regular Massaging

Regular massaging of your breasts is one of the proven natural remedy for increasing the size of breasts. A regular massage can increase the cup size of your bra, in just one month. As this increases the blood flow to the breasts and also increase the production of the breast enlarging hormone that is known as prolactin.

#2 Do Exercise Everyday

When it comes to improving your breast size it is all about diversity. If you are looking to enhance your breast size,then you can start with a breast firming exercise. Most of us hate the word “exercise,” but it can be beneficial if you are trying to learn how to get bigger breasts naturally. You do not really have to do it to the point that you lose too much fat, but a few exercises targeted specifically for the chest area can give you visible results after some time if you are consistent.

#3 Eat foods that contain phytoestrogens

A number of nutritionists have claimed that consuming foods which has phytoestrogens (a plant hormone that imitate estrogen) for example, soya, oats, lentils, increases boob’s compactness. However, refrain from excessive diets, as they encourage speedy fat reduction from areas like the boobs. Consuming healthy fats like nuts, olive oil as well as seeds can sustain a healthy body weight and at the same time keep boobs plumped up, whereas foods such as fish, lean meat fruit and veg can certainly help to enhance skin tone and flexibility.

#4 Use bra that fits you correctly

Researches have revealed that on the average eight (8) out of every ten (10) women are putting on the incorrect bra size. Putting on a bra that is quite too small could possibly contribute to your boobs looking smaller, not even bigger, and also putting on a bra which is too big can certainly make your boobs suspend more relaxed and consequently can as well make them appear small compared to how exactly they are. Looking for that trick on how to get big boobs? Endeavor to always wear a bra that fits you perfectly.

Breast Growth Exercises 

Having a bigger, beautiful and attractive breast is the dream of every woman. A wide range of methods are available for women looking on how to get bigger boobs. Are you looking for the best exercises to increase breast size? Here is a list of 10 most effective exercises that have the potential to increase your breast size naturally.


  1. Wall-ups :

wall ups

Wall-ups can be considered as the simplest exercise available for ladies to enhance their breast size naturally. This is similar to push ups, but you will need to get the assistance of a wall and push against it instead of floor.

  1. Chest dips :

chest dips

You will need to have exercise dip bars to engage with this exercise. Once you grab on to the exercise grip bar, you need to pull your body up and incline the body outwards, while paying more attention towards the chest area.

  1. Elevated push-ups :

elevated push ups

In elevated push-ups, you will need to use a bench or steps to keep your feet elevated. You need to be on your toes and palms flat on the ground while engaging with push-ups, which is done by bending the arms and going low as much as you can.

  1. Rotation push-ups :

roatation push ups

Rotation push-ups can be defined as a modified version of the standard push-ups. You need to be on your palms and toes initially and then you need to go low by bending the arms. You will need to raise your left arm while backing up and rotate your chest towards the left.

  1. Dumbbell cross punch :

dumbell cross punch

You need to need to grab two dumbbells and bend on your knees. Then you need to open your arms to the sides of your palms and punch the right fist forward along with the dumbbell.

  1. Shoulder rounding :

shoulder rounding

During this workout, you need to lie down on floor and stretch your arms in front. Then you need to squeeze both your shoulder blades together while driving the elbows behind.

  1. Plank Reaches :

plank reaches

You need to start the workout in a hands plank position while placing the palms on the floor. Then you need to life your right hand and make it reach straight out in front. You can do the same for left hand as well.

  1. Chair dips :

chair dips

During chair dips, you need to sit down in a chair and walk your feet forward while shifting the weight on the hands. Then you can bend your elbows and lower the butt until you have your shoulders lining up with elbows.

  1. Butterflies :


You need to get hold of two dumbbells, lie on the floor, open your arms to the side and life the weights straight up.

  1. Plank walk :

plank walk

This workout is done by placing your palms and heels on the floor. You need to life your left foot and right hand and step both to the left. Then you can do the same for other hand and leg combination as well.

Follow these 10 steps above to increase your breast size.

Many women would like to have know how to get bigger boobs. In a modern world, where we are overwhelmed with the pictures of the girls with the big breast, claiming that is the only beauty standard, no wonder many women start thinking about bigger breast and how to achieve it. Most doctors will tell you that only way to do so it with a plastic surgery.

However, plastic surgery comes with several serious health hazards, from silicone leaking, inflammations, scarfs and so on. That is why many women are looking after other, less hazardous way to increase their breast size. One of the ways is the breast massage. There are several ways to perform it in order to get the best results. Of course, unlike the surgery, it will take some time to get results, but keep in mind this is a completely natural method with no side effects.


There are several things to keep in mind when you are doing a breast massage. First, it has to be done daily, preferably two times a day. Every massage should take at least 5 minutes, but 10 to 15 minutes is optimal. If you want, you can use some oil to help you with massaging. Since hormones are very active at night, massaging before you go to sleep is a good idea. Also, avoid wearing a bra as much as you can because it can harm your breast. There are many ways to massage and in a sequel, you will find information about the most popular and most effective ways.

Chi massage

Chi massage, in general, is inspired by ancient China medical treatment. It is used for many purposes and enlarging of the breast is one of them. In order to perform this massage, make sure your hands are warm to increase the circulation. Cup your breast and start circling for a full circle, but avoid massaging your nipples. Do about 300 circles in one treatment, it will take about 10 minutes to do so. In the beginning, it will probably be a little hard to your arms, but with time you will get used to it. Also, make sure you move breast tissue while circling, otherwise the treatment will have no effect.

Taoist massage technique

Taoist massage is also inspired by ancient China medicine. It uses person`s sexual energy to increase the overall body energy level and help a person to cope with different health issues. When it comes to the breast enlargement, it is believed to be one of the best ways to enlarge your breast naturally. It increases the circulation, as well as the levels of hormones, such as Protactinium, which is essential for a production of the new breast cells. Again, your hands have to be hot and you have to do circular moves, each circle lasting about 2 seconds. You can use some essential oils for a better results, as well as breast enlargement creams. The best is to do about 300 circles in the morning and 300 before you go to bed.

Reiki massage

Reiki is a traditional Japanese massage technique which can be very useful when it comes to the breast enlargement. According to the professionals, it is also good for a saggy breasts problem. It is simple to do. Put your palms on breasts and start doing the circular motion. Make sure you go clockwise with the right hand, and opposite with the left. Don’t just rub the skin, rotate the whole breast and do it simultaneously with both of them. The best is to do 300 rotations, but you can do less if your hands are tired.

Lymphatic massage

This type of massage was first presented in Germany as a good solution for patients with lymphedema, or the gathering of the fluid when lymph nodes are removed because of some health condition. This massage style is about the rubbing of the with the slight pressure. It has to be done in the direction of the lymph drainage, which means from the nipples outward in all possible directions. In order to benefit from it, you have to apply this technique properly, so make sure you learn it right.

Breast slapping massage

This technique was developed by a Thailand beautician which learned it from her grandmother. It is done in a 6-minute sessions during which you have to slap, pinch and squeeze breasts, torso and stomach muscles and fat. Those who tried it say it is painful, but it gives results and this technique is officially approved as a natural alternative to the plastic surgery procedure.

To conclude, if you are looking after a quick solution for breast enlargement, then the plastic surgery is for you. However, since plastic surgery has many unpleasant, even health and life threatening side effects, many women are turning to the natural ways to enlargement their breast. It will take some time and effort and results will be visible after a while, but it has no side effects which can make you regret for the rest of your life.